Democracy in Europe

Rome March
23rd 2016
EA Event
EA Event

March 23rd at 9:30h at Casa dell’Architettura

As Europeans we are too often told that we must choose between reverting to the nation state or maintaining the crisis status quo. We reject this dichotomy because we know that alternative paths exist.

In Rome we will speak about Europe, its crises, and the way forwards. Presenting DiEM25 in Italy and launching its first campaign, Transparency Europe Now!

With Yanis Varoufakis, Lorenzo Marsili, Marisa Matias, Julian Assange, Jorge Moruno (Podemos), Marisa Matias (bloco de esquerda, Portogallo), Srecko Horvat, Luciana Castellina, Igiaba Scego, Valentina Orazzini, Marica di Pierri, Cecilia Strada.