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Democracy, Ecology and Freedom in Europe

Democracy, Ecology and Freedom in Europe – A Paneuropean Government Program proposed to the EU through European Citizens Initiatives

In just over one year the European Elections are coming, and immediately after that the new European Commission will be nominated.

What can we do to push for the resolution of the urgent matters that otherwise risk to be left untackled: the climate emergency, social and fundamental rights and a sustainable peace? And how can we ensure that these issues are tackled through a profound democratic and federalist reform of Europe?

We will talk about it in Bologna Saturday 4th of February.

As EUMANS and European Alternatives – two civil society organisations that share a similar vision for Europe – we invite organisations and individual citizens to work together on two levels:

1) Mobilizing citizens, promoting a people-led paneuropean program deeply rooted in democracy, ecology, freedom, equality and federalism, through the activation of instruments of popular initiative, both at the european (i.e. European Citizens Initiatives) and national scales, and leveraging as much as possible sortition-based citizens assemblies. After a first discussion in Bologna, the full program will be defined in Gdansk, Poland from the 17th and the 19th of March.

2) Mobilizing politics, ensuring an adequate presence for this people-led program during the elections, presenting a transnational list at the European Elections in 2024 with the priority of enforcing these political proposals. Alternatively, we will evaluate the possibility to take part in the elections through coalitions and different electoral initiatives in the different Member States, on the basis of the support to the full program.

A more detailed presentation of this project is available HERE.