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Home / Events / Past events / Creating concrete Corridors of Solidarity

Creating concrete Corridors of Solidarity

While rescue organizations try to improve their coordination on a daily operational level at sea, a wide spectrum of civil society actors push and lobby for relocation and evacuation of refugees and migrants to welcoming cities. Against the background of an escalated EU border regime, the idea of corridors of solidarity is a practice and a vision at the same time.
In this online panel we want to re-discuss with members of various networks, cities and organizations about their experiences and limits, about their challenges and perspectives in their struggles for an open Europe and for the right to move in safe passages.
With the participation of:
⚡️Rikko Voorberg, Let’s bring them here
⚡️Maurice Stierl, WatchTheMed Alarm Phone
⚡️Federica Brizi – Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy – Reception System and Humanitarian Corridors Manager
⚡️Filippo Furri – Member of Migreurop and researcher on “solidarity cities”
⚡️Eleonora de Majo (City Councillor for Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Naples) and Monica Buonanno (City Councillor for Social Policy and Labour of the Municipality of Naples)
⚡️Moderation by Hagen Kopp, No one is illegal and member of From the Sea to the City