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Home / Events / Past events / Citizens Take Over Europe – online festival

Citizens Take Over Europe – online festival

On the 9th of May, Citizens Take Over Europe are organising a marathon of online events taking place across Europe and in different languages.


11:00 “Setting the Scene: What has the crisis done to us” by European Democracy Lab

12:00 “Towards a Green Card for Europe: How an EU Green Card can help secure the rights of European citizens and third-country nationals post the corona crisis” by New Europeans

13:00 “EU Responses to the Covid-19 Crisis and the Future of Europe” by The Good Lobby

15:00 “How would it look like a European Citizens Assembly?” by CIVICO Europa

16:00 “The Future Must Be Different from the Past: Lessons learned from the crisis Europe Future.” by European Civic Forum

16:00 “What happens when we start to get out of this?” by Volonteurope

17:00 “Launch of Appeal for an International Conference: “The European Union after Coronavirus” by New Europeans

18:00 “A dialogue on the Future of Europe” by CIVICO Europa

18:00 “A conversation with Adam Tooze” by Another Europe Is Possible

See the full programme here