Cities 4 Refugees

Online June
27th 2023
EA Event
EA Event

June 27th
Our new project Cities for Refugees involves municipalities, activists, NGOs and other multipliers who are directly working to improve the situation for migrants arriving to Europe and within Europe. Focusing on the cooperation between municipalities from different countries and its local civil society group, the objectives of the initiative are increasing capacity-building for activists and cities through the dialogue around best practice examples in different fields of migration and cooperation.
Combining public moments and workshop sessions, the first online event of the project will bring together European city representatives, and members of active civil society initiatives from all over Europe that are already working and advocating to open up opportunities for practical, open-minded solutions which place human rights at the center of the future migration politics.
If you wish to participate in the first public event and be updated on theĀ  programme, save the dateĀ  27 June, 2023 and register in this form below: