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Home / Resources / News / EA joins US National Conference on Media Reform

EA joins US National Conference on Media Reform

The National Conference for Media Reform has it all: Award-winning artists. Hollywood luminaries. Visionary activists. Veteran journalists. D.C. heavyweights.  And European Alternatives!

Organised by Free Press in Denver over April 3-8, the conference deals with today’s pressing media, democracy, and technology issues, featuring a rich program with hundreds of events, workshops, seminars, and informal occasions.

European Alternatives has been invited to participate to the conference to discuss our European Initiative for Media Pluralism, a transnational campaign collecting one million signatures to change EU legislation on media freedom through the new instrument of the European Citizens Initiative.

Lorenzo Marsili, director of European Alternatives and spokesperson for the Media Initiative, will be attending to speak in the “global advocacy” panel and will be tweeting live throughout the conference days – to stay in touch you can follow @l_marsili

Since the conception of its logo, European Alternatives has always been convinced that transnational coopearation cannot stop at the borders of the EU. We are delighted to have a chance to continue building networks and capacity for action in Europe and beyond at this conference.