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Home / Resources / News / EA gets the Paolo Giuntella Freedom of Information Award 2012

EA gets the Paolo Giuntella Freedom of Information Award 2012

Premiazione LasciateCIEntrareThe battle in defence of Article 21 of the Constitution will not have to be fought another day: it has to be fought every day and every minute.” This is the mission of Articolo21 [the article refers to the “Right to Freedom of Expression” as guaranteed in the Italian Constitution], an association of representatives from the media field, in the words of its spokesman Beppe Giulietti.

On 19th July 2012, the association Articolo 21 assigned 6 awards “Paolo Giuntella per la libertà di informazione (The Paolo Giuntella Freedom of Information Award)” given to organisations that, through their activities and commitment, have made important contributions to promoting the defence of freedom of expression and information.

The organisations behind the Campaign LasciateCIEentrare / Open Access Now, including European Alternatives, were honoured with the Giuntella Prize at an official ceremony held yesterday in Rome. Journalists were denied access to detention centres for migrants for years, but now thanks to all the awareness-raising actions, training and requests for visits carried on within the framework of the Campaign, citizens can have access to more information through the reports journalists are compiling after their visits to detention centres.

Raffaella Cosentino, Stefano Galieni, Gabriella Guido and EA’s Anna Lodeserto accepted the award – on behalf of all the organisation involved in the Campaign “LasciateCIEntrare / Open Access Now” – given to them by Roberto Natale, President of FNSI (National Italian Press Federation), in the presence of more than two hundreds journalists, representatives from media groups, from NGOs (MoveOn Italy, Libera, Libertà e Giustizia, Lunaria and many others) as well as institutions, including the President of the Province of Rome, Nicola Zingaretti.