Discrimination has no place in our European democracy: condemn the website of Geert Wilders

SIgn the petition!

The Dutch anti-migration party of Geert Wilders has launched a website where Dutch people can file anonymously complaints on workers from Central and Eastern Europe. To make it easy for prospective ‘plaintiffs’ to remember what exactly it is they are resenting, the platform provides handy categories, e.g. public intoxication, disturbing the public peace, spurring job losses etc. 

The free movement of workers and their families is one of the core values of the EU. As such, this fundamental right is guaranteed to EU citizens by the Treaties. This initiative is clearly offensive against people who have every right to work and reside in the Netherlands. Equality of people is undermined by initiatives like this. 

Mark Rutte has so far said nothing to condemn this website. His government exists because they are supported on a great number of issues by the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders. This action by Geert Wilders has impact on the citizens living in the Netherlands and supports their unequal treatment. As prime minister, Mark Rutte should stand up against this discrimination those living under his jurisdiction and responsibility. 

That's why we're promoting a petition. We ask Mark Rutte to stop this web site to make clear that such intolerance and incitement to discrimination has no place in our European democracy.

European Alternatives