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Create a fictional feed

From the first 100 days of Barack Obama in office to having an online chat with your boss, to just about every historical moment on this planet, fictional Facebook feeds are a fun way to tell stories.

After telling you about imaginary characters, for our latest challenge, we would like you to create a fictional feed featuring European leaders trying to solve the crisis. It can be creating a new democratic method – like liquid gold democracy – or quantitative easing through printing chocolate euros – or regularising birds who’ve migrated illegally across borders. Make it as fun as possible! We’ll publish the best feeds on this website.

If you want to check out our other challenges, you can share your storyhost a workshopobserve your neighbourhoodwrite a poemimagine a day in the life of our imaginary characters…and perhaps most importantly, join our festival team!

We’ll even give you a tip to make it easier, through this Facebook Wall Creator.