Access to detention centres granted in Italy!

Over the past few months European Alternatives, in the context of the campaign LasciateCIEntrare, has been campaigning for the right of access to detention centres.

Most recently, together with organisations from throughout Europe meeting in a transnational forum in Paris on October 22, we published an appeal for the right of civil society to access detention centres, which represented the first step for a European-level campaign demanding EU gurantees on the right of access.

We are now very pleased to announce that the new Italian interior minister has decided to grant access to journalists to all detention centres in Italy!

Together with our partners in Italy, over the coming weeks we will be sending requests for access to Italian detention centres, to check that the actual implementation of the new legislation.

This victory is only the start: we now need to secure the right of access throughout Europe, as a preliminary step to initiative a vast public discussion on the possibility of going beyond the system of detention for migrants and asylum seekers.