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As every attempt to define or limit it has shown by its failure, Europe is not primarily a geographical space: it is a process and a pursuit.

Before Europe was a geographical space, it was a myth: the myth of the goddess Europa abducted by Zeus, who disguised himself as a bull and carried the beautiful Europa away. As the myth is told by Apollodorus, Europa was the daughter to Agenor and Telephassa and had three brothers: Cadmus, Phoenix and Cilix. After her abduction, Agenor sent the three brothers set out to find Europa, telling them not to return until they had found her. They set out in three different directions, and when they could not find Europa they founded cities from which to continue the search. Phoenix settled in Phoenicia, which is modern day Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Palestine; Cilicia settled in Cilicia, which is modern day Anatolia; and Cadmus settled in Thrace (now Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey) and founded the city Thasus, known later on as Thebes. But the importance of this myth is not the particular geographical cities and countries (although it serves to remind us that ‘Europe’ has from the beginning been thought of as bigger than it is now typically understood), but the idea that Europe is a pursuit – it is never where you are, it is something to be aspired after.

The logo of European Alternatives, read from the inside towards the outside, represents the three paths of Europa’s brothers. The centre of the logo is no particular place: is wherever the pursuit starts from. The three divergent paths remind us that there is no one way to pursue Europe; no one way to be European.

The logo of European Alternatives can also be read from the outside in. Europe is not a culture or a space that can be defined independently of all other cultures and spaces. Europe has always been a place of exchange and cultural counter-influence, and those are the processes that define it. Attempts to impose European values on others are necessarily self-defeating for this reason: Europe is necessarily a multiplicity which includes and involves others. From the outside in the logo of European Alternatives represents the three dominant cultural influences on Europe: the influence of Asia from the East, the influence of Africa from the South, and the influence of the Americas and the sea from the West. Europe is to be found in that intersection.


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