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European Alternatives is a transnational organisation, but it is not possible to make a transnational legal organisation or a European association. Instead, European Alternatives has several legal entities: a non-profit company limited by guarantee formed under UK law, and associations in French, Italian and German law. These entities work together to realise our projects and activities: they can each act throughout Europe and beyond, but they each have slightly different legal characteristics and their official address in different countries.

Over the years European Alternatives has gained the trust of some of the most interesting institutions and foundations in Europe. We have built  a diversified funding base of public and private grants, individual donations and membership fees. We are grateful to all our institutional and individual supporters for making our work possible.


Allianz Kulturstiftung
Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
ERSTE Foundation
European Commission DG justice EUflag
Foundation Remembrance Responsability Future
Guerrilla Foundation
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Open Society Initiative for Europe
European Cultural Foundation  
Goethe Institut Logo_Goethe-Institut
Heinrich Boell Foundation descarga
Mercator Stiftung descarga (1)

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