Governance & Participation

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European Alternatives is an ongoing experiment in creating a transnational grass-roots organisation, which is committed to participation and democratic functioning, empowering its members both to influence internal decision making, and take the initiative to propose and run new activities.

The Transnational Board of Trustees is legally empowered to oversee the running of the organisation, set its strategy and approve its workprogram. It does so in dialogue with individual and organisational members, local groups and our partners through regular surveys, questionnaires and forums to understand the priorities and interests of the organisation.

The Advisory Board includes leading thinkers, artists and activists from throughout Europe and beyond, who advise the organisation on its message, its strategy, on formats of activities, on partners and potential stakeholders.

The Management of the organisation are staff members responsible for the implementation of the workprogram, its communication and ongoing coordination of the membership.

Our Legal Structure and Constitution

The transnational entity of European Alternatives is based in London, UK. We have sister legal entities in France, Italy and Germany, responsible for implementation of specific parts of the overall workprogram and individual smaller projects, as well as representative offices in several countries and local groups.

The Transnational Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing all the whole organization, approving the accounts and workprogram of each legal entity.

A constitution for European Alternatives was approved in 2011.


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