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To build an alternative Europe, we need a broad network of individuals and organisations working together to address our common challenges. This network needs organisations from across the whole of Europe and its neighbouring regions, and to include small as well as big organisations, formal organisations as well as citizen movements, working in diverse ways and at different scales to imagine, demand and enact another society.

European Alternatives campaigns to influence decision makers, but just as importantly seeks to create a new transnational fabric of European activism and cultural and social production. We are committed to providing networking, training and capacity building opportunities for organisations, as well as welcoming member organisations to help set the European Alternatives agenda.

Together we can increase our capacity to effect change through meaningful action  at the European level.

Benefits of Member Organisations

  • Influence our work and agenda through project or regional collaboration and through surveys and other opinion polling
  • Share knowledge and expertise through the network, and benefit from others doing the same
  • Access networking opportunities, including connecting with organisations, movements and informal groups working on common issues in other parts of Europe
  • Cross-dissemination of information about one another’s work through our newsletter, website and social media
  • Events
 and campaign collaboration
  • Volunteer opportunities


To become a Member Organisation of European Alternatives, please email Martin Pairet.



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European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF)
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Desire Foundation
Foundation Desire for Social Reflection and Openness
Since 1996, the Desire Foundation provides a collective action platform... [+]
Krytyka Polityczna
Krytyka Polityczna
Krytyka Polityczna (Political Critique) is the largest Central and Eastern... [+]
L’Altra Liguria
L'Altra Liguria is an association of citizens in Genova which aims... [+]
Musiker Mot Rasism – Musicians Against Racism
Musiket Mot Rasism - Musicians Against Racism is a non-partisan... [+]
NGO Urban Nova
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Migrants’ Rights Network
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Nisma Thurje
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Pocket Stories is a movement that aims to spark curiosity... [+]
Projekt Forum
Projekt Fórum
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Refleksione Women’s Association
The Women’s Association “Refleksione” was established in Tirana. It is... [+]
Sama Goods
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Sociedade Histórica e Cultural Coluna Sanfins
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Tesserae Gbr
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The Dome Project
The Dome Project
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Think The Wall
Think The Wall is a group of internationally minded students... [+]
Visual Culture Research Centre
The Visual Culture Research Center (VCRC) was founded in 2008... [+]
Yhteismaa (Common Ground) is a Finnish non-profit organization founded in... [+]

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