Local hubs

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More and more Europeans have a surge for debating European issues and thinking and acting beyond the nation states, at a time when the rise of the far-right and nationalism is a reality and the response from institutions insufficient to tackle the issues people in Europe are faced with. The demand for an alternative Europe is also made stronger when it is multiplied across the continent by local actors.

European Alternatives local hubs play an essential part in building European democracy from the bottom-up and in disseminating the message that alternatives do exist. European Alternatives can provide the space, the contacts and, at times, the financial and communications support to act on the local and transnational level, across disciplines. Examples of spaces where we reflect about Europe with activists are the Campus of European Alternatives or the Transeuropa Festival.

Local hubs are the decentralised spaces and networks organising events or reflecting on transnational issues locally. European Alternatives has a wide network of member and partner organisations that hubs can interact and work with on specific events or projects.

Find a local hub in your area in the map below, and get in touch with our local hub members. If there is no hub in your area, you could create one! Read our handbook to learn more about hubs creation and animation.

For more information, please contact Martin, m.pairet@euroalter.com.

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