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Only a broad network of individuals and organisations working together to address our common challenges can build an alternative Europe.

European Alternatives benefits from a wide community of partners, activists and supporters throughout Europe and beyond who contribute daily to the successes of the organisation and to our transnational activities.

Our members come from across the globe and from all walks of life. They do not agree on everything, but they are connected by the belief that democracy, equality, justice, and culture belong at the heart of political innovation beyond the nation state.

By joining European Alternatives you join an experimental community working to build a broader vision of a viable alternative Europe. You will benefit from being connected with activists and groups across Europe, trainings and workshops, participation in and a say over our work program and much more.

On the left-side menu you can find out more about our partners, local groups, and individual members, as well as find all information to join us and become part of European Alternatives as an individual or organisation.

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