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"Any discrimination based on any ground such as (…) ethnic or social origin, (…) membership of a national minority, shall be prohibited."

Article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights


The issue of Roma rights has been one of constant and particular importance for European Alternatives, ever since the evictions of non-French Roma from France back to their home countries, mainly Romania and Bulgaria. Given the strong commitment that EA has toward the respect of European citizenship, regardless of ethnic and religious background, we consider as an imperative to frame the issue of Roma rights from an inter-cultural perspective. As with all our events and campaigns that we organise to promote respect of Roma rights throughout Europe, European Alternatives stands for the defence of Roma rights not as specific rights granted to this heterogeneous group of communities, but as human rights and calls for their equal access to decent housing, education, health services, labour market, as well as for an effective right of freedom of movement in Europe, based on their being beneficiaries of European citizenship as we all are.

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