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Everywhere we work in Europe we always hear the same answers when we ask about the biggest worry for people’s present and future: citizens and especially young people are worried about finding work, and when they have it about losing it. They are afraid of being the first generation in centuries in Europe to be worse-off than their parents. This is partly due to a hyper-flexible labour market that, while depriving workers of basic rights such as sick or maternity leave, puts them in a perennial state of precarious living conditions, known across the continent as precarity. It has been suggested that extending the practice of basic income across Europe, as suggested by the European Parliament, could bring increasing security and welfare despite working conditions.

"Young people admitted to work must have working conditions appropriate to their age and be protected against economic exploitation and any work likely to harm their safety, health or physical, mental, moral or social development or to interfere with their education."

Article 32 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights

 Guaranteed Minimum Income

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