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The European economic crisis, as part of the global financial crisis, represents not only a periodic crisis but the failure of an economic model and its associated political and social forms. European Alternatives believes that a new model for the economy is required, one which restores the primacy of politics over the market and financial systems, which is more equitable for people both inside and outside Europe, improves quality of life as well as wealth, and is respectful of the planet.

The economic and budget crisis of the Eurozone and the EU has highlighted the need of financial and economic reforms, as well as political. Citizens, civic society organisations, universities and businesses should have a say in this process. After all the Tobin Tax, which aims to tax financial transactions, was at the centre of the demand of many NGOs and social movements for decades before being implemented in 2012 by ten European countries.Our research is focused both on finding Europe-wide solutions and rethinking Europe’s role in the changing global economy.

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