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Organised crime is often entangled with local and national politics and it hinders the economic and social development of several member states. Achieving a climate of legality and respect for the rule of law is an indispensable requirement not only for personal security, but for social development, too. With networks of organised crime assuming more and more a transeuropean dimension, discussions are needed on actions to fight local and transnational mafias to (re)establish the rule of law at every level of social, economic and political life.

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    Confiscation and social re-use of criminal assets
    It is urgent to develop policies and practices to fight crime beyond national borders, as organised crime has been for years a transnational phenomenon. Organised crime is no longer only an economic parasite, but in the current phase of crisis it is becoming also an unfair competitor, and one of the phenomena that hinder economic recovery. It is one of the forces that risks sinking the hope for the European integration process.

    This is why we are convinced that taking action against illegal economy and its perpetrators is in the interest of civil society, of the institutions, and it should become of interest to all responsible economic actors. The strategy for repression of the criminal phenomenon must take a qualitative leap and support the process of control and repression of crimes through a coordinated action to control national and transnational flows of capital. Only by hitting the core of criminal organisations, that is, their wealth, will it be possible to effectively try and clean our economies and societies.

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