Videos & Podcasts

Our videos include promotional, divulgative and journalistic productions by European Alternatives and materials that are part of Talk Real, our audiovisual platform for the diffusion of innovative ideas and for the promotion of grassroots organizations and the individuals behind them. 

Select Videos

Jerome Roos (ROAR Magazine) in conversation with Katerina Anastasiou (Transform!)

Teresa Forcades in conversation with Sandro Mezzadra

Interview with Katja Kippimg (Die Linke)

Transeuropa Festival 2015

Naomi Klein at the COP21 Global Climate Summit

Nuova politica spagnola: cambiamento in comune.

Towards a Plan ‘D’ for Democracy in Europe

Vento di Spagna: popolo e potere

The Hannah Arendt International Institute for Artivism

Reddito e diseguaglianze con Maurizio Landini e M5S

Philippe Van Parijs on Basic Income

Are European Alternatives still possible?