#FixEurope Campus Video

70 activists from throughout Europe joined in a three-day campus environment for reflection, learning and strategising, uniting ideas, practices, and proposals to build on common struggles for democracy and equality in Europe and beyond.

3 questions to Rafaella Bolini

Raffaella has been an activist in international social movements since the ’80s including European Nuclear Disarmament, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, Time for Peace in Middle East, Italian Consortium of Solidarity during the Balkan’s wars, anti-racist movement, altermondialistic movement, European and World Social Forum.

Will we now #FixEurope?

Europe needs to be fixed, but there is no consensus on how to do so. A consensus would not do justice to the great variety of ideas and alternatives and the depth and honesty with which they were discussed at the Campus.

The ‘New Turkey’

Looking at the first 50 days of the so-called New Turkey, since the August 10 Presidential elections, one cannot observe anything new, except for a few new methods in violation of rights and liberties.