European Alternatives is working regularly with other transnational civil society organisations across Europe to maintain key relationships, make the voice of our network heard and increase the impact of our policy influencing work.

Europe+ Logo


Europe+ (Civil Society for the Renewal of European Democracy) is a broad grass-roots alliance initiated by the European Movement International which brings together over 40 organisations from civil society calling for renewed and better functioning democracy in the EU. Specifically it calls for civil society to be involved in any future treaty change of the European Union.

What does European Alternatives do with Europe+?

  • Is a Member of Europe+
  • Is a member of the steering committee

Civil Society Europe LogoCivil Society Europe

Civil Society Europe is the European Coordination of Civil Society Organisations. The initiative was launched in Rome in December 2014 as a response to the lack of genuine civil dialogue at EU level (as enshrined in Article 11 of the Lisbon Treaty) and the success of the European Year of Citizens 2013.

Civil Society Europe aims to facilitate horizontal exchanges between civil society and decision makers in Europe, shape the European agenda on issues of common interest, and to campaign for a Europe based on solidarity, equality and democratic participation, a Europe which provides access to economic, social, cultural and civic rights for all.

What does European Alternatives do with Civil Society Europe?

  • Is a Member of Civil Society Europe and part of the elected Steering Committee
  • Leads the Civic Space and Fundamental Rights Working Group of Civil Society Europe
  • Participates actively in the relevant meetings and hearings

Citizens for Europe LogoCitizens for Europe

Citizens for Europe (CFE) are civil society actors supporting each other to create a more participatory and democratic Europe. CFE is created by and for civil society actors.

The CFE website lists and highlights citizen organisations and movements, their events and their proposals. It is a dynamic platform that strives to be both critical and constructive. It aims to give a voice to members of European civil society, help them to connect and form alliances, to have raise their profile in the media and carry more weight when dealing with political decision-makers.

What does European Alternatives do with Citizens for Europe?

  • We engage the Citizens for Europe community in our work, and in particular the Civil Society Forum of the Western Balkans

DiEM25 LogoDiEM25 – Democracy in Europe Movement 2025

DiEM25 is a European movement calling Citizens to fight together to democratise the European Union, to end the reduction of all political relations into relations of power as merely technical decisions; and to re-politicise the rules that govern our single market and common currency.

DiEM25’s aim is to provide existing movements and the new forces of progressive change with the infrastructure necessary to build up the pan-European horizontal organisation necessary so that it becomes much, much more than the sum of its parts.

What does European Alternatives do with DiEM25?

  • Participates to the DiEM25 assemblies and give inputs to the movement and its policy positions
  • Organized the Democracy in Europe event launching DiEM25 in Rome on March 23, 2016

Source Network

Source is an online platform bringing together academics, policy professionals and campaigners from across Europe – committed to tackling the biggest economic, environmental and social challenges we face today.

The network focuses on areas that have the potential to generate real action and impact.

The Source network is co-ordinated by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) the UK’s leading think tank promoting social, economic and environmental justice.

 What does European Alternatives do with Source?

  • Individual staff members participate in online discussions and debates, and we host discussions on the platform close to the core areas of interest of European Alternatives

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