School of Transnational Activism

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For a future beyond the nation-state

The School of Transnational Activism is a reflective and action-oriented space, both physical and digital, gathering citizens and activists across disciplines to learn and explore how to collaborate beyond the nation-state.

Debates about populism, the crisis of democracy and the backlash against globalisation are all raging. But very few people seem to be asking two essential groups of questions: in what ways is the nation-state changing and in what ways has it been surpassed? And what are the most effective political forms to find civic agency in this new context?

Nation-states are not disappearing as some globalisation theorists may have suggested in other decades, but neither are they the best political forms for our future. Fearing our collective incapacity to solve global challenges, citizens retract to the known container of the nation-state; but this only makes the problem worse. What comes after nation-states and how do we get there?

European Alternatives is collaborating with a group of leading thinkers and activists to launch the School for Transnational Activism, a reflective and action-oriented space, gathering participants across disciplines to experiment and explore how to articulate and enact a radically democratic vision of politics beyond the nation-state.

The School takes inspiration from systemic, citizens-led alternatives and movements for social justice, democratic participation and economic transformation. It seeks to support the next generation of activists to embark on an empowering learning journey to act for a progressive and people-centred EuropeThe new generation of activists journeying through the School learn how to inject disruptive and practice-based ideas in the public debate across Europe and inspire others to join local and transnational initiatives.



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