European Parliament for the European People

European Parliament for the European People: Citizens’ Pact for European Democracy and TRANSEUROPA Festival 2013

In advance of the European Elections in 2014, European Alternatives and several hundred partners and several thousand citizens developed a citizens’ manifesto for democracy, equality and solidarity targeted above all at young people.

The manifesto was developed through creative and participative activities throughout Europe in Autumn 2013, including during the TRANSEUROPA Festival. In the run up to the elections in April and May 2014, the manifesto was promoted and discussed in events and election parties taking place throughout Europe.

Over the course of the project over 100 video interviews were made with residents throughout the continent on their hopes and ideas for the European Union, and whether and why they would vote.

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Countries Involved

UK, France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Spain, Romania, Holland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria

Duration of Project:

May 2013 – June 2014

With the support of

European Parliament

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Open Society Foundations

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