Cities of Change

European Alternatives has long been committed to supporting social dynamics, citizens’ platforms and local governments in the construction of transnational networks and exchanges. This is why we hope that these ideas will be placed at the centre of the initiative of other European cities, movements and institutions. Cities are pioneering new forms of participatory governance throughout Europe. For more than five years, we have been supporting city representatives and citizens’ initiatives across Europe in sharing their experiences and innovative democratic practices. We have organised different encounters and events in cities like Rome or Messina, with the mayors of cities like Naples or Barcelona, to promote the exchange of best-practices between governments and activists, and raise awareness of the importance that cities play an effective role in the international arena.



  • LORENZO MARSILI “De Magistris e Colau a Marghera raccontano le loro «Città ribelli” READ MORE
  • GIUSEPPE CACCIA “A European Network of Rebel Cities”  – English – Italian – Spanish 
  • MARTA CILLERO “What Makes an Empty Building in Naples a “Common Good”?” READ MORE
  • LORENZO MARSILI “It’s high time for a new, multipolar world order” READ MORE
























  • JUNE 23, 2016: Open event in Rome with Yanis Varoufakis and Luigi de Magistris – READ MORE
  • JULY 14, 2016: Open event in Marghera with Ada Colau and Luigi de Magistris –  READ MORE
  • JULY 23, 2016: Open event in Messina with representatives from Barcelona, A Coruna, Bologna, and Naples with Cambiamo Messina dal Basso –  READ MORE
  • JULY 30, 2016: Città e cultura al Lunatico Festival – READ MORE
  • JUL7 5, 2017: Cities of Change as local alternatives – READ MORE
  • OCTOBER 21, 2017: Quartieri in movimento – Transeuropa Festival 2017 – Messina – READ MORE
  • OCTOBER 28, 2017: Convergent Spaces conference – Madrid – READ MORE
  • JUNE 6, 2018: Forum on Cities of Solidarity – Brussels – READ MORE

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