Igor Stokfiszewski

Igor Stokfiszewski (1979) is a researcher, activist, journalist and artist. He was a participant and initiator of social theatre, community theatre and politically engaged art activities. He cooperated, among others, with the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards (Pontedera, Italy), the German Rimini Protokoll collective, and with the artists: Artur Żmijewski, Paweł Althamer and Jaśmina Wójcik. Co-curator of artistic and social activities in post-industrial spaces: Zakłady. Ursus 2014 [Factory. Ursus 2014] and Ursus – spacer w czasie [Ursus – a Stroll in Time] (2015). He was one of the team members at the 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art (2012). Author of the book Zwrot polityczny [Political Turn] (2009) and co-editor of, among others, the volumes: Built the City. Perspectives on Commons and Culture (2015) and Jerzy Grotowski – Teksty zebrane [Jerzy Grotowski Collected Texts] (2012). Member of the Krytyka Polityczna team (political organisation operating within Poland and Ukraine) and of the “Pracownicy Sztuki” [“Art Workers”] Commission of the Inicjatywa Pracownicza [“Workers’ Initiative”] Trade Union. He’s active in a field of urban and workers’ movements in Poland as well as he participates in transnational activities of social movements on European level. He’s a lecturer at the Institute for Advanced Study in Warsaw.