Daphne Büllesbach
Executive Director

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Daphne Büllesbach is the Executive Director at European Alternatives and a member of the Transnational Board. She coordinates and oversees the annual events of EA, the Transeuropa Festival and the Campus of European Alternatives, alternating each year. In 2012 she founded the Berlin office after having been an activist with EA for a couple of years. She is also a member of the board of the German think tank Institut Solidarische Moderne which looks at the potential and pathway of a red-red-green government on the federal level in Germany.

Previously, she worked in social science research and the evaluation of government programmes. She also has a background in international humanitarian and development organisations in Kenia, Morocco, Argentina and Belgium. Her studies in European Studies and Social / Political Sciences brought her to London, Paris and Cambridge. In case its Thursday, she likes to play volleyball, preferably on sand.