Organisational membership

European Alternatives is a transnational membership organisation promoting democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state.

Our network includes dedicated individual members as well as small and large, formal and less formal civil society organisations and movements, who are actively imagining, demanding and enacting transnational alternatives to the current political institutions and economic models.

Together, we are charting the strategy and work program of European Alternatives, in a democratic and participatory manner and are building the space for a transnational community of people to engage in new forms of political and cultural engagement to radically transform Europe.

European Alternatives is committed to cooperate with civil society organisations and grassroots initiatives on programs, campaigns and events to influence decision makers and increase our capacity to effect change through meaningful action at the European level.

By joining European Alternatives as an organisation, you:

  • Connect with other national and local organisations and movements active on the European level, to build common campaigns, projects or other kinds of cooperation and exchange
  • Get one vote at the General Assembly of European Alternatives on the following:
    • to approve European Alternatives’ accounts
    • to decide on priority areas of European Alternatives for the year to come
    • to approve the composition of the board and elect representatives to the board
  • Receive the newsletter of active members of European Alternatives once a week;
  • Ensure your work is visible and used by a new generation of activists throughout Europe, by disseminating information through our newsletter, website and social media, as appropriate


What are the requirements for my organisation to join?

Member organisations:

  • Agree to European Alternatives’ mission and values
  • Are admitted by the Directors of European Alternatives on consensus
  • Name one primary contact that will be the contact person and will vote on behalf of the organisation


Get in touch with Martin, our Network Manager ( to exchange on how to get engaged as an organisation in European Alternatives or ask any questions regarding membership.



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