TRANSEUROPA Festival Catalogue 2011

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.55.14TRANSEUROPA Festival is at once a cultural festival and a political event. It is the rst transnational Festival happening in 12 cities simultaneously: not twelve different festivals at the same time, but one festival throughout Europe promoting democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state.

Transeuropa creates a common political and cultural space for exchange, debate and action. Using a plurality of mediums – from debates, lectures and congresses to art installations, projections, and music, – the festival promotes innovation, experimentation both in its politics and in its cultural production, and sees the visualising of a new community through the arts as an inalienable component of building a new society.

TRANSEUROPA Festival does not shy away from the most pressing and dif cult topics confronting European society and the rest of the world. In 2011 the main themes of the Festival were migration, Roma and traveller rights, media freedom, and a more just economy for after the crisis.

These main themes were chosen by TRANSEUROPA Network for their importance and were discussed and explored in all twelve Festival cities, conclusions and experiences passed from city to city until the closing weekend, when transnational forums took place on each theme.The Festival’s Art Programme is the result of a series of collaborations among practitioners from all over Europe.

The Festival has been offered as potential platform to experiment new formats and tools as well as to launch new calls. The collaborative and participatory approach that such a scenario demanded lead to the involvement of more than twenty- ve cultural operators, including artists, curators, and filmmakers, who engaged in a productive dialogue to deliver shared outcomes. The result of it is an articulated art programme that echoes throughout the Festival cities.



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