The 2014 Transeuropa Caravans

30 activists. 6 caravans. 12,000km. 100+ projects. 18 countries. 11 days. 1 mission: connect local, alternative voices across Europe.

“What we saw along the journey was both astonishing and well-known. Voices which are not being heard by politicians, needs which are not being met by states, solutions which are not being supported by in- stitutions. The articles in this publication continue the conversation, they synthesise the ideas and portray the initiatives we met along the routes, interweaving stories from England with Southern Italy, Eastern Poland with Southern Greece. The result is a narrative of citizens’ par- ticipation and action in places where solutions do not seem available and are far from ready-made. It is a narrative of empowerment.”

The film reveals the “other” Europe, the one seldom found in the halls of power in Brussels. It shows a politically active and thriving civil society in a Europe that is not defined by its institutions, while daring them to pay attention.

A film by European Alternatives
Directed by Maria Anastassiou, Vlad Andrei Ghinea, Edgar Melo, Jaromir Salaj, Alessandro Zanoli, Ricardo Zarco.
Project coordinator und Executive Producer : Séverine Lenglet


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