The Myth of Europa

«A European journal of new transnational thought and culture» is the way we characterised the first publication of European Alternatives in 2007. The ambitious subtitle says much about what we were trying to achieve: a regular publication that could be called genuinely «European» (and not national), but which was not euro-centric; a political publication which was also philosophical, artistic, cultural and literary; and which was resolutely «new» and forward-looking. In its quest to live up to its title, the journal took di erent physical forms and appearances, and changed its name from «European Alternatives» to «The Myth of Europa» to «Transeuropa». It was as if in our search for the mythical Europa carried away by Zeus, disguised as a bull, we ourselves took on di erent forms, di erent personas, di erent guises. And in our search we were joined by some of the leading thinkers, artists, writers, poets, political and social theorists of our age. Together with our readers we ranged over Europe, to North Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, China and elsewhere, knowing that Europa is never to be found where you expect, and that frontiers are the limits of our imaginations and understandings, sometimes to be overcome, sometimes to be interrogated and sometimes to be opened-up or breached by dialogue and experimentation. In the journal of European Alternatives from 2007 onwards the reader found an intellectual, cultural and political chronicle and interpretation of contemporary events and tendencies, a unique set of viewpoints on a changing world that was entering into a new stage of crisis and complexity. Those viewpoints came through the words and also the images and photographs. The time we put into choosing and making combinations between the articles and images expressed our conviction that photographs can at once open up the world to us and open us up to the world, a window in the white page to another part of the planet, to another human subjectivity. The journal of European Alternatives has always been a campaigning journal, whether for gender equality, Roma rights, migrant rights, media freedom or democratic renewal: through it readers, writers and artists since 2007 have been informed about and joined our campaigns, joined our movement, joined our organization for democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation-state. 10 years after the beginnings of European Alternatives and its rst publications, we take a moment to gather many of them in one place, to take a look back at the journey we have travelled, share what we have seen with new acquaintances encountered recently on our route, before turning our faces resolutely to the wind, looking into the distance, and continuing our adventure together as friends.


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