A State of Democracy: Towards Citizen Rights Protection in the EU

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 11.47.05European Alternatives and the European Civic Forum propose something new. We propose that the way to address the democratic and participate challenges and the threats to fundamental rights in the EU is the same – more participation, more dialogue and placing the citizen at the heart of European policy making.

Our report makes a number of recommendations to the European institutions to achieve this, under the following areas:

  • Putting citizens’ rights and the common good at the centre of European policies
  • Becoming a driving force in creating a more enabling environment for participation
  • Building a clear and structured framework for regular dialogue with civil society
  • Putting the respect and the promotion of the fundamental values of the Union and the core European requirements of democracy and the rule of law at the forefront of the Institution’s actions
  • Establishing participatory mechanisms and tools to secure rights protection throughout Member States
  • Protecting the rights – including the right to participation – of third country nationals

The full report, including the full recommendations, can be downloaded here


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