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European Alternatives is a transnational organisation and citizens movement believing that democracy, equality, justice and culture should be at the heart of political innovation beyond the nation state. We imagine, demand and enact new forms of politics and culture to radically transform Europe. Membership is open to all who share our objectives and is free of charge.

Our members come from across the globe and from all walks of life. They do not agree on everything, but they are connected by the belief that Europe could be a laboratory for political invention and progress with global implications, but only if we radically change course.

The current inability of citizens and civil society to act in a coordinated way across national borders is leaving the space to non-democratic forces to decide our future. Together we have built a space for a new kind of community in which people imagine, demand and enact new forms of politics and culture to radically transform Europe.

Our actions and campaigns work in both a highly local and highly transnational way: by acting in your neighbourhood through European Alternatives, joining up with the actions of others throughout the continent you can affect transnational change.

By joining European Alternatives you are joining more than an NGO or a movement, you are joining an experimental community conscious of the emergence of a new world system and working to ensure democracy, equality and culture are at the heart of political invention in Europe and beyond.

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