Shevek Iyapo - A Musical Lecture Performance

Berlin April
8th 2022
EA Event
EA Event

April 8th at 19.30 at Oyoun | Kultur NeuDenken
The musical lecture performance “Shevek Iyapo” combines four different perspectives on life in Germany. Mati Shamoelof, a poet born in Haifa, Israel reflected in his latest work his family’s migration from Baghdad to Israel, as well as his experiences as an Arab Jew living in Berlin. Vincent Bababoutilabo and Vanessa A. Opoku combine compositions and improvisations reminiscent of the Sounds of the Black Atlantic with breathtaking visuals.
Together the three artists invite the audience into an audio-visual space full of dreams and visions of a just society in which we can all be different without fear. Their art is a collective attempt to overcome, for a small moment, the conditions that separate us.


Mati Shemoelof is an award-winning writer, poet, activist, author, and editor that was born and raised in Haifa, Israel. I am currently based in Berlin, Germany. He has already published ten books both in Israel and Germany. His writing is diverse. It includes fiction, poetry, plays, articles for magazines and newspapers, texts for art exhibitions, short stories, and more.
Vanessa A. Opoku is a visual artist who lives and works in Berlin. In her artistic practice, digital media, photogrammetry and AI form the starting point with which she negotiates the boundaries of mixed reality and finds alliances between art, science and technology.
Vincent Bababoutilabo is a Berlin-based musician, author, and activist working at the intersection of art and politics. In recent years, his artistic and political projects have focused in particular on migration, flight, decolonization, exploitation, and resistance, as well as the search for positive visions for a just society in which we can all be different without fear.


All attendants confirm that for reasons of mutual Corona protection of risk groups, previously ill persons, and health workers, they will prove their vaccination/immunization status and a current rapid test of a certified test center at the entrance on the day of the event and thereafter wear an FFP2 mask in the interior rooms.


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