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workstreams-networksCreate the synergies between the transnational and national networks that mutually support our commonalities, challenge our differences and tackle tools for transnational activism; How can we mutually support each network to strengthen active citizenship and social movements? What is the best combination of tools that can help us connect better as networks and inside our networks? What action plan can we develop together? This workshop is there to come out with a clearer understanding of what civil society networks are out there building a solidarity Europe and what is the common value set that keeps us together and forms the basis of the nascent transnational civil movement in Europe that we urgently see the need for.




What does European Alternatives want for the workshop?

Major crises have shaken Europe over the past few years. As a response to these crises, many of our networks emerged and organised to counteract the rise of the far-right, propose concrete alternatives to the economic systems producing inequalities and poverty, reclaim and build the commons for people, and develop new narratives with people of colour and refugees living in Europe. At a time when European institutions are losing support, our networks have undoubtedly contributed to shifting power to the people, on the ground and at the institutional level.
Yet, taken separately, we have not been strong enough to respond to the urgency of the rapid developments we’ve faced in Europe. Our actions and initiatives are not properly connected and truly transnational, rather they are fragmented and at times isolated. What is at stake is the risk of repeating failing patterns of action and leaving the political space to far-right and xenophobic voices and movements.
While our networks and organisations attract different kinds of activists and profiles, have different geographical and thematic reach and use different methods of connecting, mobilising and campaigning, the aim of this meeting is to understand where our work programmes overlap and explore what kind of transnational movement would help us to succeed and help us be more effective. 


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  • The ‘SYRIZA experience’: lessons and adaptations, OpenDemocracy, Andreas Karitzis, March 16th 2016 – openDemocracy
  • Against Fascism, European Alternatives, Niccolo Milanese, June 20th 2016 – Euroalter 


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