EA Campus 2016 – Media Stream


Develop a transnational communication and media capacity that transcend national perspectives and brings a new light on the issues we are facing across the continent; What kind of strategy to mainstream progressive voices/narrative in the media? What kind of audience do we need to reach out to and how does this transnational media engage with people?

We want to continue drawing with media partners, journalists, and a/v activists, a common roadmap to reach the right audience with the right tools in the media landscape. We want to have the space to develop a transnational media that transcend national perspectives and brings a new light on the issues we are facing across the continent. After having our first transnational media meeting held in May we want to continue the discussion of best practices in a changing multimedia context. How can we disseminate content at a transnational level? How can we use media tools to shift the mainstream narrative? How can we reinforce ties between us? How to address the diversity of languages in the EU in what is still a national media context?


What does European Alternatives want for this workshop?

European Alternatives supports transnational citizenship as the driving force to achieve democracy, equality and culture beyond nation states. As major crises have shaken Europe in the past years, we want to take the next step towards creating an alternative media platform in Europe able to speak and organise beyond national borders in what is still a primarily national media landscape.

Our goal is to galvanise a more informed and connected public sphere throughout Europe. We want Europeans to gain the confidence to act politically, socially and culturally for democratic change. In the United States, Democracy Now and AJ+ are two formats that particularly inspire us.

On May 2016 we invited over two days in Berlin around ten representatives of alternative media outlets in Europe that  exchanged best practices and started setting a common roadmap and plan of action.

EA believes that these alternative media outlets are making a great impact speaking to their own audiences, but we need to be able to respond to the urgency of the crises risen in Europe. Progressive media outlets and journalists contribute everyday to speak out on behalf of those who suffer injustice and work everyday trying to find new narratives and tools to shift power to the people and to explain them in the best way the reality they live in. However, their actions are not properly connected and are not truly transnational.

European Alternatives’ overall ambition is to take a first step in connecting all this media realities and help them to discuss together what are the best tools and methods to work together to respond better to the challenges faced by Europe in the media sphere, as well as imagining a first transnational audiovisual production.


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For questions regarding the Media stream, please contact m.cillero@euroalter.com or g.tucci@euroalter.com


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