Support the new generation of activist working for a transnational future

The results of the European Elections 2019 show us that after a decade of crisis in Europe, the time is now to work across borders to shape a new common agenda for Europe. These elections have shown that citizens across the continent believe that the European Union is now a central political topic in all countries, and they want to be part of the transnational political processes in other ways than voting.

Climate activism, Fridays for Future, the organised riders, the feminist movement and an extensive network of NGOs have all contributed to the new wave of transnational movements that is shaking Europe. This has been achieved by a new generation of activists and organised civil society working across borders. Because we want to continue shaping the social and political agenda for Europe, European Alternatives opens this summer the doors of the new School of Transnational Activism with the aim to share knowledge, tools and techniques amongst a new generation of activists to continue working transnationally.

school activism

The School will provide young European activists with the skills, ideas and vocabulary to bring change and transnational action to Europe. Through our training programs, we will build communities of knowledge and practice which empower a new generation of transnational activists to defend their rights and values and be active contributors of a mature democracy. Not just talk for talk’s sake, civic action to transform our future. We are mobilising a wide and diverse network of leading artists, writers, political theorists, civic technicians, activists and journalists to develop an innovative multidisciplinary curriculum on political narratives, and how they make collective action possible. The contributions from activists of the program will also lead to the development of different written and AV materials that can be used to communicate a new vision for Europe and for further action.

We can’t do it without your support, that is why we are launching a donation campaign that can help us build the School that stands stronger than the narratives of hate and fear. Do you want to help us making it possible? Donate today for the School of Transnational Activism and let the 2019 elections be a beginning of a new form of European politics.


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