Greater than fear: Connecting the transnational progressive mobilisations

Ahead of the European Parliament elections, we are launching the first transnational open calendar of progressive mobilisations and actions happening all across Europe.

We are gathering all the initiatives, conferences, mobilisations and demonstrations that are pushing for a democratic, anti-racist, and human rights based future. 

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From 23 to 26 May 2019, European citizens are called to vote for the next European Parliament. But democracy and participation are not only about casting the ballot. While every passing year seemed to show a stronger far right movement which is gaining space and growing in numbers, we are also seeing a broad number of movements that are effectively fighting back. In the past decade we have seen solidarity actions and refugee-welcome initiatives, ‘blockupy’ mobilisations against the policies of the European Central Bank, the launching of NGO boats to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean; Amazon and Deliveroo strikes in the gig-economy, mobilisations to protect or advance women’s rights to abortion, protests for freedom of the press and against corruption; demonstrations led by students demanding climate actions. All this initiatives have been led directly by the civil society who are coordinating across borders to claim their space for a democratic, human rights based, anti-nationalist future.

Today we are launching an open collaborative calendar that aims to present and connect the existing initiatives that the grass-roots movements and organisation are leading ahead of the European elections. Check out the part of Europe that is fighting back against the far-right and are proving to be effective.  


If you are missing any initiative, mobilisation or action, you can send an email to and we will add it as soon as possible.

We are stronger, let’s stay united!



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