LABOURGAMES is coming to Rome 27-30th March

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Attention jammers and game enthusiasts! LABOURGAMES is coming to Rome 27-30th March!

LABOURGAMES is a European network project dealing with the future of working processes and the current labour system in a playful way. The core element of the project is a series of five GAME JAMS in the participating countries focussing on various issues and facets of work and labour.

After GAME JAMS in Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Athens the final event will be held in Rome, at the premises of the VIGAMUS Video Game Museum.

A core team of  professional jammers – with 6 experts from the LABOURGAMES network and previous GAME JAM participants and three Game Designers from Rome – will plunge into the playful working world with 12 to 15 jammers and Game Enthusiasts for the 66 hours.

At the end of the 66-hours Mega GAME JAM, we will close the event with the presentation of the output of the LABOURGAMES project, the games developed during the last two years as well as the early game results emerged from the Rome Game Jam during the last 66 hours marathon. A final discussion will stem from the findings of the project and revolve around the connection between the future of labour and the world of play, addressing the question: How can the Creative Industry, Culture and Game Design contribute to alternative solutions of labour issues in Europe?

Do you want to participate?

Check our event on Facebook and register to the final panel on Eventbrite.

This is a unique chance to playtest the games developed by the project and to join us in a stimulating discussion on »work and play«, in the stimulating context of the Videogame Museum VIGAMUS.


LABOURGAMES is a project initiated and co-ordinated by the Berlin-based art association urban dialogues in close collaboration with the design studio

The European partner network within the framework of the Creative Europe Sub-programme Culture consists of Open State Foundation (NL), H.A.B.I.T. Research Group, University of Athens (GR) and Alternative Europee (IT).

The event in Rome is realised in collaboration with Goethe-Institut, VIGAMUS Foundation, Women in Games Italy and EFGAMP.


Would you like to help us build another Europe?