‘Citizens of Nowhere’ out in German by Suhrkamp


Lorenzo Marsili and Niccolò Milanese, co-funders of European Alternatives, have just published with the German publishing house Suhrkamp the book that tells the story of the origins of European Alternatives, its future, and how democracy in Europe can be re-made from the ground up.

This book is at once a narrative of the experience of activism and a manifesto for change. Through analysing the ways in which neoliberalism, nationalism and borders intertwine, Marsili and Milanese, argue that we are in the middle of a great global transformation, by which we have all become citizens of nowhere. Ultimately, they argue that only by organising in a new transnational political party will the citizens of nowhere be able to struggle effectively for the utopian agency to transform the world.

Europe might appear like a continent pulling itself apart. Ten years of economic and political crises have pitted North versus South, East versus West, citizens versus institutions. And yet, these years have also shown a hidden vitality of Europeans acting across borders, with civil society and social movements showing that alternatives to the status quo already exist.



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