SAVE THE DATE: EA Congress in Berlin – September 15th

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We are hosting a one-day Congress in collaboration with the international literature festival Berlin 2018 at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele on September 15th. SAVE THE DATE!

The emergence of something new requires both alertness to seize the moment when it is there and patience for that moment to arrive. It requires both willingness for experimentation and acceptance to fail. While the search is continuous, new alliances are being built and real and lasting answers must be found to the social question. Answers that can become popular not populistic, that lay out a vision while being programmatic. The urgency of this moment, with rising levels of xenophobia, nationalism and even fascist tendencies cannot be underestimated. How can democracy be saved from itself? How to bring together prefigurative approaches with more strategic political thinking?  Are new political forms and actors emerging that can re-structure society or are nationalist and undemocratic tendencies destroying such hopes right now? Is this the moment to advocate for a Europe beyond the nation-state and how shall it look like?

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