March in Rome: The first chapter of our 10th anniversary

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Both members and staff of European Alternatives came together in Rome this weekend, as part of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, to organise and take part to the demonstrations as well as to a wide range of events. We also celebrated the 10th anniversary of European Alternatives with a first artistic and political event at Maxxi, the contemporary art museum of Rome.


We intervened in a series of events at the La Sapienza University, notably the “Cambiamo rotta all’Europa” where Daphne Büllesbach voiced the need to change direction in Europe, as the European Union is being hijacked by political elites, neoliberal powers and the return of imperialistic and xenophobic discourses. Lorenzo Marsili gave an interview for BBC World News on behalf of European Alternatives claiming for the need to open a third space with a strong and ambitious vision that holds together those who work for an alternative Europe.

We marched, supporting the two pro-European project demonstrations in Rome, La Nostra Europa and the federalists-led, March for Europe. Thousands of people joined on the streets: altogether, we made clear that an alternative and progressive movement for another Europe already exists and is alive. We believe these forces should further the dialogue together on and off the streets and involve young people to reclaim the European project. 

Corteo La Nostra Europa a Roma - Europe4All #ea10

We also attended the DiEM25 event “The Time of Courage” which presented their European New Deal, a set of economic proposals for the transformation of Europe. We share with DiEM25 their conviction that we have to develop strategies to democratise Europe and make it work for European and non-European citizens alike. You can watch here the entire show.


We organised and celebrated the first chapter of our 10th anniversary with debates and performances at the Maxxi on March 26. The occasion to bring the artistic perspective to the anniversary of the treaties with the contribution of key speakers such as Tania Bruguera and Ulrike Guérot, and Marcelo Exposito as well as artists such as Jonas Staal, Maria Hlavajova and Cesare Pietroiusti.

We also curated an exhibition on social movements, with a map of transnational protests that made history in the past 10 years. The struggles of migrants, refugees, workers, women, LGBTQI+, post-colonial and environmental activists have helped us shape a more open, solidarity and democratic Europe, which is a strong message we wanted to voice in Rome.

You can still see the exhibition at the Maxxi museum of Rome until April 10th.
10th Anniversary European Alternatives | Third Time - Overtime


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