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Whether you have known European Alternatives for years, whether you just ended up here from a Facebook post of a friend, if you are reading this, you probably believe there are still alternatives for Europe.

I started working at European Alternatives 6 years ago as a volunteer in Berlin. Back then, we didn’t have an office, and we used to work as many people do: from where we could and how we could. At the beginning, I volunteered for European Alternatives because I wanted to defend my space as a European citizen, I wanted to fight against staggering inequality, social injustice and loss of rights. Today, I’m the executive director of European Alternatives and my reasons to continue working here remain the same.

Together with the rest of the team of European Alternatives, I am full of hope for the coming year: We will celebrate in 2017 our 10th anniversary and we believe it’s the moment to claim, more than ever, that we need to commit and engage with the idea and reality of Europe. We have the capacity, we have the means, the tools and most importantly, we have the people to succeed. No alternatives are possible without maintaining the right connections and networks, without a collective desire of imagine alternative policies. The role that civil society can play in democracy shouldn’t be underestimated; the future of Europe is today. Let’s continue building it together.

Daphne Büllesbach, director of European Alternatives

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