Shifting Baselines | Ready for the EA Campus 2016 and the AGM


This year we’ve been working hard with different civil society organisations, media platforms, journalists, artists, alternative governments, politicians, scholars, social movements, activists, filmmakers and students around Europe, to find collective responses for the different crisis we are facing in Europe. We all share the idea that we have the tools and capacity to solve today’s challenges if we frame them in the right way.

The biannual Campus of European Alternatives brings together more that 70 activist from all around the continent to work during 3,5 intense days to strengthen our outputs and continue finding synergies together.

The Campus of European Alternatives is starting on Tuesday 23 and we are really looking forwards to it. At this year’s Campus, Shifting Baselines, we will work on four main areas: media, institutions, networks, and artivism.

Starting next August 23 until the 26th, we will be at Schloss Wartin, near Berlin, working to establish and reinforce networks with partners, finding best paths to combat to rise of extreme right in Europe and sharing best practices to create transnational movements.

Right after the Campus of European Alternatives, we will celebrate in Berlin the Annual General Meeting of European Alternatives on August 27th, 2016 at the neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK)  starting at 09:30 until the 13:00 and the closing party of the Campus. Get your ticket for the AGM here! Or follow the discussion LIVE streamed here. More information available online and on Facebook.



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