Naples and Barcelona together for an alternative Europe

Thursday 19 May in Naples at 5pm @l’Asilo in cooperation with Barcelona en Comù (Spain), the city of Naples and EuroNomade, ACT, and  Massa Critica, European Alternatives organises a public assembly on European democracy and new municipalism. The event forms part of our ongoing strategy to develop a network of cities in which the administration innovates its interaction with citizens and social movements.

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Around Europe, thousands of citizens claim everyday alternatives to the ineffective austerity measures for the economic crisis, immediate solutions for all the men and women escaping from war, and a new perspective to address precarity in labor conditions.

Naples and its grassroots movement experience working to change austerity measures or the impressive achievement of Barcelona en Comù bringing activists to the city government, are evidences of the real potential to extend these realities to other capital cities in Europe.

Bringing all this experiences together and promoting collaborations between ongoing alternative governments and civil associations in many Europeans cities, is the next step to spread the spirit of the “rebel cities” and reach an alternative way of governing in our continent.

Entrance free and open to all. More info at:

                                                                                             DAY PROGRAM

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