LIVE from Berlin: #TalkRealYanis

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On February 8 we will go Live from Berlin with an extraordinary episode of our political webshow TalkReal one day ahead of the launch of the new movement DiEM25 by Yanis Varoufakis.  

Today, we feel trapped between a rock and a hard place. Squeezed between a failing and undemocratic European Union and equally failing and undemocratic national states.

But beyond sterile arguments over the benefits of an independent nation-state or of a united Europe, we think that what we should really be talking about is how to organise to transform both.


Over the years European Alternatives has advocated the need for new transnational movements and practices to construct European democracy from the bottom-up. Enacting this belief is at the core of all our activities.

That is why, together with many others, we are interested in the new pan-European movement to be launched in Berlin by Yanis Varoufakis on February 9th, DiEM25.

And that’s why we have organised a very special occasion to talk European democracy, new movements, and the way ahead.

We will be running an episode of our political webshow, Talk Real, a day ahead of the launch of DiEM25. We will be speaking with Yanis Varoufakis, Portuguese MEP and presidential candidate for the left Marisa Matias, the founder and leader of the Polish left movement  Krytyka Polityczna Slawomir Sierakowski, and with the international representative of Italian trade union FIOM, Valentina Orazzini. The talk will be led and presented by Lorenzo Marsili (@l_marsili), director of European Alternatives.

We will stream our talkshow live from the Volksbuhne theatre in Berlin on February 8th at 7PM CET. A link to the live video will be distributed on the day on twitter at @euroalter and @TalkRealTV and on facebook on EA and TalkReal pages. We will call for your participation ahead of and during the show to ask questions, post comments and animate a social media conversation. You can start sending your questions now using the hashtag #TalkRealYanis.

Don’t worry, after the talk our team will work overnight to make sure you can also access the edited version from the morning of Tuesday 9th February, the day of the official launch of DiEM. It will be signposted on the above social media pages and on YouTube:

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