Europa, Italia, Bologna: is 2016 the Year of Change?

February is already here, and with it, arrives our CREATE|REACT: Media Training weekend in Bologna with great workshopsspeakers and participants. The Media-Training will start off with a public conference on Friday night discussing new forms of political organisation and formats of communication, drawing on examples from all across Europe.
Europe, Italy, Bologna_ the year of the Change


On Friday and Saturday there will be four workshops dealing with Audio-Visual media, political communication, Digital tools and storytelling.

Starting on Friday, there is a Workshop by social-media expert and game-designer Luigi Cornaglia, focusing on political communication beyond populism. After several years in Berlin, in 2010 he returns home and establishes a small web-agency providing research and consultancy in politics and social marketing (with focus on behavioural change); still very passionate about technology and education in 2013 he starts a social project aiming to raise awareness in italian public schools about the digital revolution and the needs of media education; after having run several electoral campaigns, since 2014 he has developed games as tools for effective communication and cultural change, such as

Our second trainer is Claudio Riccio, a young activist in ACT! who works as a freelance web and communication designer. In his workshop, Claudio will lay particular focus on the upcoming local elections in Italy. Together the participants find ways to engage in the elections.

On Saturday we will have two Workshops happening consecutively: Victor Fleurot is an expertise in the communication field, where he works as campaigner designing new media strategies. As Political communications consultant he also has experience in managing transnational campaigns in social and environmental policy. During his trainee, he will introduce us to Memes and digital communication.

Besides that, Felipe Gonzalez Gil will explain the virtue and impact of political remix videos. Felipe is a member of the team Zemos98. Zemos98 is a group of management, creation and collective intelligence that moves around free culture and free audiovisual space. You can watch his latest TedXTalk on video-mashups here.

Check here to check the detailed agenda for the CREATE I REACT Media weekend in Bologna.


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