New Talk Real episode: Mapping the alternatives in Europe

Italy, Spain, Poland and the UK where the four countries represented at the table of Talk Real during the Campus of European Alternatives, an event that brought together activists from all around Europe to exchange and examine common strategies for a new politics for Europe.

The discussion focused on the necessity of opening up a new space at once against the business-as-usual of the establishment and the rising nationalist right. We spoke with Eleonora de Majo, city councillor in Naples; Alejandra Calvo, from the city council of Madrid; Jakub Dymek, journalist and analyst for Krytyka Polityczna, and Adam Ramsay, co editor for openDemocracy,

Most European countries share patterns of inequality, social injustice and loss of rights that are at the centre of polyphonic alternatives and are growing and spreading as disobedient policies, rebel governments, and active bottom-up citizen practices. Experiences that prove that there are convincing and engaging alternatives with realistic programs for a political shift.

What are their characteristics? How can we better communicate these stories? How can we bring them together to show a virtuous, alternative front is in the making? Two journalists and two city representatives at the table of Talk Real gave voice to the need of a common narrative to tell these experiences of participation and empowerment.


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