DiEM25‬ is officially launched; is DiEM25 officially built?

“One simple, radical idea is our motivating force: to democratise Europe in the knowledge that the EU will either be democratised or it will disintegrate at a terrible cost to all.” Yanis Varoufakis officially launched DiEM25 last Tuesday evening at Berlin’s Volksbühne theatre. The presentation counted with the speeches from Barcelona’s mayor, Ada Colau, British Green MP Caroline Lucas, or representatives of Germany’s Blockupy movement. However, there are still many questions about how exactly the movement is going to function.


DiEM25 has received  some critics, specially from activists, about the fact that it represents an agenda already covered by other pro-transparency and anti-austerity party groups in the European parliament. The common belief during the event in Berlin was that DiEM can be the open space where different people and movements can come together, including different perspectives on how constructing a new Europe. But DiEM can’t be just about good ideas, it also has to be about the strategies on making those ideas possible. How can the movements come together? How to make the different demands cooperate together for a common objective?


We have to start recognising that many people on the left feel that the EU hasn’t covered itself in glory in the last years. It seems the moment to challenge what at the moment has been done, and see to what extent it is possible to make that Paneuropean movement something more that a dream or an illusory objective. The different antiracists movements, the Blockupymovements, the environmental movements, all need to come together to recognise that actually we are together fighting on a single battle; we are too interdependent to work only within borders. The challenge is to bring those movements together and make DiEM something more than a meeting for great ideas, but a movement with those great ideas plus a timetable to achieve them.


During the days we spent in Berlin after our LIVE episode with Varoufakis, we interviewed key voices of the on-going changing movements and parties that are contributing to create a new Europe. Miguel Urban, Member of the European Parliament, representing Spain for Podemos; Caroline Lucas, member of the Green Party of England; Katja Kipping, chairperson of the Left Party and a member of the Bundestag; Gerardo Pisarello, First Deputy Mayor of Barcelona; Jerome Roos,  and Julien Bayou are some of those participants that gave us their testimony about how to democratise Europe. Their interviews will be soon available on TalkReal YouTube channel.


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